G1sA Genesis Solo (Discontinued)

Discontinued Model

We have spent 12 Months on testing this Gyroplane for safety, stability, maneuverability and performance. More than 250 hours have been accumulated, in aggressive and intense tests, which resulted in proving that this Gyroplane is one of the best available to date, with ALL the latest understanding in Gyroplane Aerodynamics and Stability.
The airframe was carefully designed for the best possible PILOT PROTECTION with a light, but very strong triangulated frame. The Kevlar reinforced fuel tank is also situated in a protected area.
Some key features are:
true CLT design, the specially designed tail compensates for most of the engine torque, preventing torque over, bunt over, power push over, and pilot induced oscillations as far as is possible .The tail keeps the airframe parallel with the rotor’s flight path, offering exceptional stability in all aspects of flight. A removable 1 piece mast without holes in the middle, only 4 holes at the bottom and 4 at the top is incorporated. All materials and hardware used in the construction of “Genesis” are Aircraft Grade. (6061 T6, 4130 Steel, AN Hardware). We strongly believe that, we are offering the best gyroplane that combines excellent safety, stability, performance, maneuverability and good looks.

The kits have the option of single main undercarriage tube or triangulated undercarriage with suspension. The Kits come with the tubes & plates pre-drilled and cut to size. Some easy cutting and drilling is left to the builder. The kit can be assembled with smaller diameter bolts, and then drilled through with the correct diameter. This produces a perfectly drilled frame and minimizes the chances of making a mistake. The Quick built option allows for minimum work to be done and still be within the 51% rule.

More options available on request


  • Engine
  • Level speed
  • Cruising speed
  • Never exceed speed
  • Min level speed (MTOW)
  • Max rate of climb
  • Max take off weight
  • Empty weight ( with, battery, prerotator, ready to take off, no fuel) from
  • Rotor diameter (depending on pilot weight & airfield elevation)
  • Propeller Diameter
  • Engine Power range
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Max Endurance ( at cruise power)
  • Rotax 582 UL or 912max
  • 170 Kmph
  • 110 – 130 Kmph
  • 190 Kmph
  • 30 Kmph
  • 1200 fpm
  • 300 – 350 Kg
  • 168Kg.
  • 23 – 24 ft.
  • 64”
  • 55 – 80 Hp
  • 36 Ltrs
  • 2 Hours 15 min.

All published data and info can change without prior notice.