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Welcome to Aviomania Aircraft.

Manufacturers of  safe & stable Gyrocopters.




Our mission is to provide you with the best quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

We are working very hard to develop, test and offer to Everyone Safe,  Stable Gyrocopters and quality products, for rotor-craft as well as fixed wing aircraft. 

Please Browse our Products and Services Pages for Current Price List and materialize your flying dreams. A lot More products and services will be soon available, So, visit Aviomania Aircraft often.









Postal address
     P.O. Box: 42465, Larnaca, 6534, CYPRUS                                             Product Links:

Office address 
     Agias Lavras 2, Dromolaxia, 7020, Larnaca, CYPRUS.                          G1sa "Genesis Solo" 

Manufacturing address                                                                            G2sa "Genesis Duo" 

     Tohni - Larnaca, Cyprus                                                                       G1sB "Genesis CE" 

Telephone                                                                                                 Booster Prerotator
     (+357) 99 608 106 
FAX                                                                                                           Solar T62 turbine
     (+357) 24 422 733

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     General Information: